Fan Hunting: Cardinals First Base Coach, Dave McKay, Has a Super Fan


(Join us every Wednesday for a slice of unprecedented St. Louis fan hunting.)

Among the weird, wacky and wild (channeling our inner Zip Rzeppa) personalized jerseys that we’ve seen in and around Busch Stadium in our storied history of fan hunting, I don’t believe we’ve ever seen something quite like the jersey pictured below.

Dave Freaking McKay.

As in, the Cardinals first base coach, Dave McKay.

I mean, the guy has an unparalleled record of successfully transferring arm guards from players to bat boys….and his after-walk ass slaps are among the best in the business.  But, a personalized jersey for the guy?  Goodness.

Scenario One: perhaps this gentleman was a big fan of Dave McKay’s work as a player….and has followed his 15-year career as the Cardinals first base coach.  I don’t know; seems like a stretch given McKay’s career .229 AVG and .266 OBP.  Although, McKay’s official biography tells us that he homered off Detroit’s Vern Ruhle in his first big-league at-bat on Aug. 22, 1975.  Worth buying a $200 personalized jersey?  Probably not.

Scenario Two: this guy won one of those “jerseys off their back” contests.  It’s likely, but given that he’s sitting three rows behind the Cardinals dugout….and the respective first base line where Dave McKay makes magic….we’re not buying it.  That’s just too coincidental.

Thus, we’re going with the assumption that we’ve located Dave McKay’s personal superfan.

Glad we can cross that one off our fan hunting bucket list.


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