Free Fashion Advice Has Little Effect on Freese


After being named NLCS and World Series MVP last fall, David Freese embarked on a whirlwind national media tour. As the nation began familiarizing itself with the young, affable Mr. Freese, the conversation often steered toward his looks, specifically his sense of style (or in some cases, lack thereof).

An article in Women’s Wear Daily mercilessly critiqued his pre-superstar wardrobe. Burn. Another more publicized article in GQ offered to help him with his fashion faux pas, chronicling the transformation of Freese from Mr. Average to Mr. Chic.

One would think that all the free fashion tips and $3,000 suits would have an effect on Freese, which makes his appearance in this outfit all the more disturbing.

In the interest of full disclosure, Freese did wear this getup as part of the team’s “tacky tuxedo” trip during its most recent West Coast swing. Even so, we’re still afraid he may be backsliding.

So it’s JSF to the rescue! We’ve asked our in-house team of fashion gurus and style experts to critique David’s new look and offer up some suggestions that might help him with his sense of style, just in case it’s fading a bit.

Overall, our fashion team gives Freese a grade of C-minus, which all in all is not too shabby. Although they did go a little easier on Lance Berkman. Understandable, since he can often be found plodding around the stadium wearing this. But then, Berkman has never been the beneficiary of a free makeover from GQ.


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