‘Free’ Willie McGee bobbleheads already for sale


Tonight is a big night at Busch Stadium, people.

It has nothing to do with the flailing team or the fact that the Long Haul Bombers will be crushing softballs into the upper deck 30 minutes before the first pitch.

It’s because tonight is the night the Cardinals give away the coveted Willie McGee bobblehead doll.  Willie has been a franchise legend since he arrived in 1982 and that legacy will grow as a select few fans get their hands on a rare piece of team memorabilia.  If you’re not in attendance tonight, then good luck adding one of these puppies to your collection.  You’ll have to pry them out of people’s hands.

Well, that or log into eBay and buy one before they’re even released…

Considering that, a full day before they’re even set to hit the public, there are pages full of them for sale online, it’s safe to say that the memorabilia mongrels have already advanced past the “hoarding of the giveaway” stage and moved on to the “pimping for money” portion of their game plan.

Act fast if you don’t want to be left out.  And, to be clear, we’re talking to the sellers.  For the regular fans, rest assured you can get yours any time.  Just have your credit card handy.

Free giveaways aren’t cheap.


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