Goodbye, Ryan Ludwick


The departure of Ryan Ludwick prompted a dive into our fan photo archive, to see where #47 popped up in recent memory.  We came across two that were at least worth noting.

First up: Ryan Ludwick signing some autographs at the 2010 Winter Warmup.

Say what you will about the frills associated with Ludwick’s new home in Southern California, I guarantee he’ll miss penning his name on a poster of Calvin Hobbs pissing on a Cubs logo for a dude sporting a mohawk.

And finally, we worry what the future holds for this gentleman below.

His investment in a Number 27 ROLEN jersey didn’t stand, and unfortunately, neither has his makeshift Sharpie marker support for Ryan Ludwick.  Times are tough.

This method of agile fandom is an interesting way to adapt to the fluid nature of current day baseball rosters.

This gentleman is only a few minutes of arts-and-crafts away from a brand “new” Number 37 SUPPAN jersey.


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