Guess what’s going through Nyjer Morgan’s head…


Last night was the final contest between the Cardinals and Brewers in 2011.  Thus, Nyjer Morgan made sure he left St. Louis being more hated than when he arrived.  Tough to imagine, we know.  His on-field antics continued in the visiting team’s clubhouse, where this moment was captured by our JoeSportsFan correspondent, Chris Files.

Because we frequently operate out of context, we couldn’t help but wonder what was going through Nyjer Morgan’s head the moment the picture was taken.

See if you can guess…

a.) “Who has two fingers and is nuttier than squirrel poop?”

b.) “Prince Fielder in the shower?  Eh, about this long.”

c.) “That’s right, two.  I was beat by my mom…and my dad.”

d.) “We still in first place.”

Any answer is acceptable, but you win the big prize if you guessed letter D.

Nyjer has problems counting sometimes.



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  • Brandon Phillips says:

    “A” is correct. At least that guy dropped me out of #1 of “most hated opponent.” That guy is a whiny little bitch

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