Identifying these ominous Albert Pujols rumor “sources”…


Things are really heating up in St. Louis right now (+1 point for ironic weather pun) surrounding the Albert Pujols contract rumors that are flying in from Dallas, where MLB Winter Meetings commenced on Monday morning.

But how do these little nuggets of insight originate?  It turns out they come from an emerging group of MLB media contingent.  Sources, if you will.

But these rumor originators are no longer an ominous, nondescript afterthought.  Oh, no.  It turns out they’re real people, just like you and I.  Our people at JoeSportsFan gained access to MLB’s credential list, which has significantly less rigor than years past.  We then cross-references this list with the security camera footage at the Anatole Hotel in Dallas, where the Winter Meetings continue.  And people say bloggers don’t work hard.  Sheesh.

The following rumors have now been associated to real people.  You’re welcome.

Major League Baseball might want to think about hardening their credentialing process.

I’ve met College Roommate before and he’s terrible at fantasy baseball.  How can we trust him with sensitive Albert Pujols information?



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