Jack Clark: All Star 1B, Alienated FSM Analyst, Memorabilia Tycoon?


It’s been an odd 12 months for Jack Clark.

It began last winter, when the one-time fan favorite was villainized for speaking negatively about the Cardinals hiring Mark McGwire.  Clark’s candor evolved throughout the season as he frequently criticized the Cardinals’ lack of effort.  Although he denies outspokenness as the root cause, Clark was eventually ousted as an analyst at Fox Sports Midwest.

Given the following item that popped up on eBay this weekend, it looks like Jack the Ripper is looking to cash in on his memorabilia collection.

This from the item description:

“This is Jack Clark’s “ACTUAL” 300th HOME RUN BASEBALL and acquired DIRECTLY from Jack Clark himself.  Jack Clark signed this baseball “My 300th” and comes accompanied with a Letter of Authenticity from Jack Clark himself.”

The eBay seller goes by the name “sasess”, which probably isn’t Clark himself.  If the seller’s name was “BigMacH8TR” or “OrangeAssissin“, we’d be a little more suspicious.

Nevertheless, it appears that this particular memorabilia tycoon interacted with Clark himself.   Autograph goons rarely receive letters of authenticity from Major League players as they’re pushing kids aside for a John Hancock during batting practice.

We’re not sure what the current commission rates are in the memorabilia market, but say this “sasess” takes 20% off the top of this sale.   That leaves like $550.00 for The Ripper.

Not bad for a baseball that was probably collecting dust behind the tanning bed in Clark’s basement.

[ eBay via @gandriole ]


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