JSF Playoff Recap: NLCS Game 3


Game Recap in 50 Words or Less

Giants had more chances, Cardinals scored more runs.  All the offense they needed came on a Matt Carpenter homerun. Lohse wasn’t sharp but held the Giants from a big inning thanks to several key double plays and, as they have throughout the postseason, the bullpen locked up the victory.  Cardinals 3, Giants 1: Cardinals lead series 2-1

Token Random Celebrity Sighting

St. Louis isn’t exactly the town where the Fox cameras troll through the stadium to find which celebrities are hanging out in the stands.  And since we do not counting strategically placed actors that are pimping their new Fox sitcoms as genuine celebrity visitors, JSF fan hunter’s take what they can get:

Looks like former SNL veteran Rob Schneider was in town to support his Giants in last night’s rain-interrupted game.  What we don’t know is whether or not Adam Sandler bought him his Giants jersey as compensation for co-starring in You Don’t Mess With the Zohan.

Even the St. Louis Cardinals Pretended it Didn’t Happen

The most mysterious move of the night by rookie manager Mike Matheny was his oddly-timed double switch that yanked Allen Craig out of the game in the 7th inning in favor of Shane Robinson, with Robinson playing right field and Matt Carpenter taking over first base for Craig.

It didn’t backfire as Robinson drove home a run with a ground out and was eventually replaced by Adron Chambers who drew a walk in his only at-bat. Though it ended without incident, you’ll still be hard pressed to find many in favor of a move that places your clean-up hitter on the bench in what was then a one-run game, regardless of how bad he may have been struggling at the plate.  In fact, it was such a head-scratcher, that even the Cardinals organization didn’t realize Craig was sitting in the dugout and not first base in the 9th…

Stealing Matt Carpenter’s thunder or strategically covering for Matheny’s move?  We’ll never know.

When Erin Andrews Comes to your Section

First thing you do when the queen of sideline reporters strolls up to your section to interview a player’s parents who happen to be sitting two rows in front of you?

Well, you reach into your pants and whip it out.  We’re talking about your camera, you creep…

Gotta have some footage, because your boys will never believe how close you were to the side of Erin Andrews’ head.  NICE!

Fox Headlines Deliver Again

Compare a baseball manager to a recent movie about male strippers?  No manager in baseball can wear that name better than Mike Madreamy…

And don’t think that the industry leader in headline puns was going to stop at just one to describe an NLCS game.  It’s just unprofessional to not acknowledge that a guy with the last name Carpenter had the biggest play of the game.  Matt? Chris? Who gives a shit, just roll out a line about woodworking and be done with it…

Book it. This internet thing is here to stay.

We love interacting with other Cardinal fans.  The popularity of social platforms like Twitter has made this experience even more engaging. Last night, we received a fan photo from Busch Stadium of a gentleman dressed as a circa ’82 Keith Hernandez.

That’s just brilliant stuff, although we’d really like to see a woman dressed as Elaine Benes with him.  Nevertheless, JSF’s Matt Sebek wondered if this Renaissance man survived the rain delay.  Really, it’s the question everyone should have been asking.  Who cares about who’s ready to pitch after four-hour rain delay, really?  A tweet was sent out to the world and five minutes later, it was confirmed.  All is well.

The internet rocks.

We’re guessing it sticks around for a few more years.

Game 4 Storyline

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