JSF Reviews Rally STL Ideas – The Gateway Hologram


When we interviewed Rally STL head honcho Aaron Perlut in Episode 28 of the JoeSportsFan Show, he indicated that the ideas submitted by citizens of St. Louis suggesting ways to improve our city were already streaming in.  He wasn’t exaggerating. 

Since the voting was opened on December 1st, ideas have been unveiled daily on the site.  Some are grand projects that would require years and millions of dollars, some are simple suggestions that could be implemented without a cent.  One that caught our eye was an ambitious project that would take time, lots of money and maybe even scooping Apple on a few of their patent requests. 

Even despite all of the challenges, the simple visual that accompanied the proposition was enough to gain one of our daily votes…


Using the Arch as a giant hologram that can advertise things such as when the Cardinals-Cubs game is set for first pitch carries loads of potential.  For example, as simple as the message is, you can spice it up to make it both functional and a tool in the tourism business.  If a car of ladies are passing through St. Louis and they see this mug staring at them, enticing them to stick around for the night, then the local economy definitely gets a spike. 

But then we started to see the slippery slope that we might be headed down.  Perhaps it’s not the handsome manager of the Cardinals on display that night, rather one of our less appealing sports figures.  Specifically the one that could transform the country’s largest national monument into a cave that houses a 600-foot goblin capable of terrorizing children unfamiliar with it’s origin…

And of course, when the Arch is used as a medium for any message flirting with the local sports environment, it won’t take long before a little money finds a way to get involved. Suddenly, we’ve evolved from a hologram displaying functional messages to the city and it’s guests, to an oddly shaped billboard…

 We’re not wavering in our support for this project.  Our vote has been cast. All we’re saying is when this puppy gets the stamp of approval, we might need to build in some parameters to keep it away from the sports world. 

Trust us, nobody needs to see a giant Ray Vinson.



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