Just who is Gerald Laird…? [CARDS]


The Cardinals finally found their new backup catcher, and he’s not from the same womb as Yadier Molina.  Thank goodness.  We’re not sure how many sappy “The Brothers Molina” Spring Training stories we could stomach.

Gerald Laird is the guy who gets the daunting task of catching a game every few months when Molina’s knees start barkin’.  We didn’t know much else about him before last night when the news broke, so allow us to delve a little deeper.


Gerald Laird has worn the following numbers in his career: 51, 6, 15, 8, and 12.  Given retired numbers and the current 40-man roster, the only number available from that group is #51.

Oh, if only Laird REALLY wanted to get St. Louis’ attention….


Professional athletes demand special treatment, especially pitchers.  It’s always nice to have a catcher at the helm that embraces this inevitable fact.

And from the looks of his time in Texas, Gerald Laird is all about special treatment.


Laird looks familiar, but it took a few hours for it to sink in.

A little Greg Grunberg, a dash of Will Clark and a hint of Sloth from “Goonies.” It’s uncanny, really.


Google Trends is just fantastic.  In short, it provides insight into what people across a selective demographic are searching for.  Even better, it allows you compare two search subject.

Since they were both signed last night, our curious minds wondered how Gerald Laird stacked up against Cliff Lee.  So yeah, pretty much as expected.


By most accounts, Gerald Laird is a real trickster.  Note the souvenir-on-a-string routine below.  Classic.

The real shame is that Laird and Dennys Reyes never co-existed on the Cardinals.  Baiting Reyes with a taco-on-a-string would have made for everlasting enjoyment in the clubhouse.


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