KMOX has gone nuts (hey-o) over the Busch Squirrel…


Every one in St. Louis loves the varmint that wandered across Busch Stadium during both home games of the NLDS.  Heck, we’ll admit; it’s been entertaining to observe a collective fan base latch on to something other than Busch Light and “Everybody Clap Your Hands!!!”

It’s been equally interesting to observe the products that have emerged from this odd love affair.  We’ve seen t-shirts, stuffed animals and custom logos.  Heck, grade schools are even distributing paint-by-numbers.  On Wednesday night, the Cardinals will distribute 40,000 rally towels featured the furry comrade.

The squirrel has created a sense of belonging that complements a deep love affair for the local nine; and for that, its served a purpose.  And while the concept ran its course after 48 hours and has jumped the shark several times over, it’s finally gone too far.  And KMOX, a pillar in the Cardinals empire since the 1930′s, has taken it there with the artifacts pictured below.

No phrase is more synonymous with Cardinals baseball than the three-words spoken by Hall of Fame broadcaster Jack Buck in the 1985 NLCS.

“Go Crazy, Folks”

Sure, “That’s a Winner” and “Hrabosky is horrendous” are spoken nearly as frequently, but there’s something intrinsically appealing about “Go Crazy, Folks.”  Maybe it’s because it’s tied to Whiteyball.  Maybe it’s because it came immediately following a game-winning HR from an unlikely source.  Or maybe it’s because it was spoken out of unbridled jubilation.  Maybe all of the above.

Whatever it is, “Go Crazy, Folks” is a sacred tradition in St. Louis that should be revered.

Someone should tell that to KMOX, – who tampered with the ironic idiom twice in the past week.  First, with a giant billboard on the side of Highway 55.  Next, with a shirt that will be sold prior to Game 3 and 4 of the NLCS in St. Louis.

Now, if anyone can mess with the legendary slogan, we suppose it’s KMOX.  After all, they employed Jack Buck throughout the breadth of his illustrious career and were solely responsible for broadcasting the phrase over pervasive airwaves in 1985.  It should also be noted that the money made from the t-shirt will go to Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center – which is fantastic.  Seriously, fantastic.

But they couldn’t come up with something slightly different?  Heck, we would have been fine with a simple, “Go Nuts!” slogan.  Just omit the “Folks” directive and it doesn’t step on the toes of a 25-year old tradition.

Messing with tradition isn’t cool, especially when it involves Jack Buck.



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