Kyle McClellan’s uniform went loco last night.


Last night’s Cardinals game against the Mets was strange on several levels.

The starting lineup didn’t include a healthy Albert Pujols *and* Yadier Molina for the first time this season, fans of the red and white continue to be surprised when the bullpen blows late inning leads, and Jason Isringhausen picked up his 2nd win of the season.

But perhaps most peculiar was the fact that Kyle McClellan decided to celebrate the Los Cardenales….again.

McClellan threw all six of his innings last night in the Los Cardenales jersey without much (or any) attention.  Heck, we didn’t even notice it until this morning scrolling through the game photos.  After all, the color and style of the limited jersey is exactly the same as the usual road-grays.

As you may remember, the Cardinals (and Brewers) celebrated “Latin Heritage Day” on June 11th in Milwaukee earlier this season.  But that was June 11th, more than a month ago.  We suppose it’s possible that Cardinals Equipment Manager grabbed the wrong MCCLELLAN jersey before packing for this road trip.  Maybe McClellan thought Latin heritage didn’t get enough attention on June 11th.  Maybe he just ate a great chimichanga.

Unfortunately, we may never know.  Since Fox Sports Midwest does everything in their power not to address real issues on the field, you’d think this type of investigation would be right up their alley.  Heck, they could probably come up with one of their snappy alliterative titles for it like, “McClellan Mishap” or “Jersey Juxtaposition”.

Sadly, we’ve probably seen the end of Los Cardenales.  This was McClellan’s only start of the road trip and he won’t start again until the next week’s Astros series at Busch Stadium.  No es bueno.



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