Lambert Airport’s “Hometown Favorites” shuts its doors.


Our extremely weird obsession with the infamous Mark Mulder jersey at Lambert Airport officially came to a close on Tuesday night.  Or, did it?

To catch everyone up to speed: a prominent shop titled “Hometown Favorites” at Lambert Airport has featured an autographed Mark Mulder jersey in its front window for the past few years, even though he hasn’t thrown a pitch since 2007.  Heck, this oddity even prompted us to do a short video piece on the matter.

It was weird, sure.  But the jersey marked a mainstay at Lambert Airport.  Most direct flights out of St. Louis have been cut, but the Mulder jersey remains.  It’s strong and durable.  Ironically, the opposite of its real life counterpart.

Nearly two weeks ago, we received notification that the Mark Mulder jersey had moved.  Did someone purchase it?  Was Mulder attempting another comeback?  The possibilities were endless.  Actually, those were the only possibilities we conceived, but nevertheless, the jersey’s absence was notable.

And then, Tuesday night, we received verification that “Hometown Favorites” was shutting its doors.  Forever.

And thus, the life of the Mulder jersey remains in flux.  Was it packed away?  Thrown out?  Did a Lambert employee take it home and use it for a car wash rag?  Now, the possibilities are endless.

Who knows.  One thing is for sure, if that puppy pops up on eBay this week, you know what to get me for Christmas.


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