Mark McGwire: high school sports stud, future-teller


The SI Vault, an offspring of Sports Illustrated that regularly posts photos from magazine yesteryear, is one of the best things going on the internet.  Sort of a digital time capsule, as it were.

Yesterday, the SI Vault posted 28 photographs of athletes from their high school yearbooks.  While regular media favorites such as Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Derek Jeter grabbed most of the attention, there was one particular high school photograph that caught our eye.

Mark David McGwire.

Sure, the Princess Leia haircut elicited a few chuckles…but it was nothing compared to the irony of his senior quote, which was provided way back in 1981.  A roller coaster, eh?  Allow us to recap.  America’s hero in 1998.  A babbling buffoon on Capitol Hill in 2005.  Fall off the grid for a few years. Get hired by the Cardinals and cry in front of Bob Costas in 2010.

Yeah, we’d say McGwire is like a career Nostradamus.  Life is, in fact, like a roller coaster.

But that was the quote that made it into the yearbook.  Like any publication, there are rounds of editing and versions that end up on the cutting room floor.  Thankfully, our people gained access to the discarded McGwire high school quotes.



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