Miguel Batista’s Undergarments Surprise Everyone


Last night’s bullpen blowup was so atrocious that we elect not even to talk about it this morning.  Instead of rehashing it pitch-by-pitch we’ll just soak it in and continue to cringe every time Trever Miller, Jason Motte, Maikel Cleto or Miguel Batista enters a game.

Our suprise was not the performances, as each of the pitchers who contributed to the mess has dropped the same bomb at some point this season, instead our surprise was that upon closer inspection, Miguel Batista may have adopted a new good luck charm on the mound.

The skin tight red sleeves he has been sporting under his uniform may or may not be a signal that he is groping for a confidence booster when he’s handed the ball…

Nothing is confirmed from our sources, but with our trained eye, we’ve studied the texture, the sleeve length, the situational usage and other factors, and we’ve determined that Miguel Batista is wearing these…

Nothing builds up the confidence levels like sporting your super hero PJ’s under a uniform. We just always assumed those belonged to Nick Punto.


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