Never question our Cardinal fan hunting instincts…


As 30-year old sports bloggers, we have many cultural deficiencies.  We’re not most organized folks on the planet, our blood/Funyon levels are abnormally high and we would drape ourselves in thermal underwear if it were socially acceptable.

But never question our fan hunting instincts.  They’re honed.  It’s the end of April and we’re performing as if playoffs are at stake.

As the Cardinals matched up against the Brewers in the final contest of a three-game series, a member of the JSF fan hunting continent alerted us to the following creature in the upper terrace at Busch Stadium.

Sometimes, the fan hunting game requires patience.  It’s a lot like bird watching, but with Busch Light and way more camouflage.  Thus, we directed our apprentice to let the moment breathe.  We’ve studied these creatures for years.  Species indigenous to the upper tier of Busch Stadium with a desire to flaunt  portliness rarely disappoint.

Our Sunday fan hunter waited for the moment to reveal itself, and boom, there it was.

Everyone has their place in this industry.

Our is #69 jersey intuition.  We’re like a fan hunting Nostradamus.

( Photos via @luv2kdz )


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