Ozzie Smith’s Downtown Restaurant Misspelled “Harry Caray”


Something tells me this photo, taken in Ozzie Smith’s new downtown St. Louis restaurant, isn’t going to sit well with our friends to the North.

And, truth be told, it shouldn’t.

Harry Caray’s legacy, as perceived by St. Louis Cardinals fans, is peculiar. Caray got his big break as a broadcaster in 1945 – where he sat along side Jack Buck, announcing Cardinals games and consuming enough Anheuser-Busch products to kill a horse. From there, Caray moved on to Oakland….and then, Chicago where he became engrained in Cubs culture for eternity. Oh, the horror.

That said, we’re not sure if this misspelling is a passive aggressive way to zing the Cardinals rival fan base…or if it’s just a bush-league print error.

We’re leaning *heavily*towards the latter, and we know Ozzie’s restaurant was pressed to finish their relocation downtown by Opening Day on April 12th, but come on. A simple Google search for validation, anyone?

Did I mean, “Harry C-A-R-A-Y”?

Why yes, Google, as a matter a fact, I did.


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