Reminder: La Russa and Freese are on your tee-vees tonight.


Well, the last 48 hours have certainly been interesting, to say the least.  Do yourself a favor and try to relax tonight.  You have a big day tomorrow; calling into sports talk stations and proving to co-workers that you’re the savviest sports guy around.  While mispronouncing every last name, of course.  You can relax tonight by tuning into three events last night events…

  • Tony La Russa on The Late Show with David Letterman at 10:30 pm CST
  • David Freese on The Tonight Show with Jay Jeno at 10:30 pm CST
  • Colby Rasmus on Conan at 10 pm CST

Okay, so the last one above isn’t true.  But since Conan was given his walking papers from NBC and Rasmus was kicked to the, eh, you know what, nevermind.  You get it.

La Russa on Letterman should be fantastic, especially given the news of his retirement today.  But we’re primarily interested in seeing Freese on Leno.  First and foremost, Freese is extremely engaging and affable.  It’s going to be thrilling to see how long it takes for Jay Leno to suck every ounce of personality out of the Cardinals 3B.

Secondly, David Freese isn’t the main guest on Jay Leno.  Justin Bieber is.  In the last three weeks, David Freese has earned an NLCS MVP, a World Series MVP, and keys to the City.  Yet, nothing matters in this life until you’re able to tweet a photo with The Biebs.  It’s that simple.  But let’s suppose it doesn’t happen.  Well, we have mash-up below.

David Freese with Justin Bieber hair?

As if Freese couldn’t get any more popular amongst teenagers in St. Louis.



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