Ryan Theriot & Lance Berkman picked jersey numbers. [CARDS]


According to Derrick Goold over at the Post-Dispatch, Ryan Theriot will wear #3 this season.  Lance Berkman will wear #12, which should anger the six Aaron Miles fans in the St. Louis Metro area.

Nevertheless, let’s return to more pressing matters.  With Theriot selecting #3, our jury has reached an official decision on whether or not it’s correct to label him as “scrappy”.

The verdict: yes, we can label him as scrappy.

Our esteemed panel finds single-digit numbers extremely gritty.  There were other factors (e.g., funny name, Southern accent, Value Over Replacement Hustler, etc.) that played into the Theriot decision, but his jersey number selection pushed him over the edge.

Truth be told, Theriot has the world against him wearing the #3 with the Cardinals.  Since 2004, seven different Cardinals (including Theriot) have worn #3.

Some fans have labeled it the “Curse of Edgar Renteria.”

Quite the “Holy crap, I forgot he played for the Cardinals” montage there.

You want numbers?  Fine.

In six season, Renteria amassed 903 games played with the Cardinals.  Since he bolted after making the last out in the ’04 World Series, #3 has seen seven different bodies.

Total games played by stumps pictured above?


We’re keeping our eye on “The Curse of Edgar Renteria”.  Ryan Theriot should too.


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