Strange MLB Giveaways: Toothpick Dusty > DJ Kitty


When the Cardinals visited Tampa this past weekend as a part of their interleague schedule, the Rays hosted a rather interesting giveaway for fans 14-and-under.

DJ Kitty.

(Picture from @MatthewHLeach)

The story of DJ Kitty goes back to 2010 when video of a feline wearing a Rays jersey went viral.  Extremely strange, but enviable, because it’s actually creative.  Innovative giveaways in St. Louis usually revolve around a new color of Thunderstix.

That being said, DJ Kitty wasn’t the best MLB giveaway from the past weekend.  Oddly enough, that honor belongs to the Cincinnati Reds who gave away the following beauty at Great American Ballpark on Saturday.

Sure, we loathe Dusty Baker as much as the next guy.  Admittedly, the hatred perpetually feels wrong because someone that looks like the lovechild of James Earl Jones and E.T. should be a likable dude.  But he’s not.  Like, at all.

Nevertheless, that bobblehead rules.  It celebrates Baker’s infamous habit AND doubles as a toothpick holder.  In that sense, it’s kind of like the Tony La Russa cat bobblehead, but way more practical.

And, hey….you can already buy one on eBay.



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