Take that, Albert Pujols and your “Today’s Specials” chalkboard


In the wake of today’s Albert Pujols news, the JoeSportsFan crew headed out to “Pujols 5″, the namesake restaurant of baseball’s latest quarter-billionaire, in Westport Plaza on Thursday afternoon.

The plan was to sit down, drink some water, consume some free bread and jet.  After all, who needs to give money to a guy that will be making a little over $68,000 per calendar day next year.  But, as it turns out, the restaurant staff was extremely accommodating.  Some feared for the future of the venue and their jobs.  So we had a meal.  See, bloggers have feelings too.

But there was no chance in hell we were getting out of there without leaving a mark.  Someone (read: SOMEONE) in our party placed some used Bubblicious on the infamous Pujols statue, which led to a few self-righteous sneers and fist pounds.  Nice “security” on hand, Pujols 5.

But upon our exit, we noticed that someone had one-upped us.

Today’s special: FRAUD.

See what you did there, Chalk Maestro.

And we couldn’t help but notice that today’s Soup of the Day was “loaded bake potato”.  Yeah, loaded with “betrayal”.

Aw snap, more fist pounds.



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