The Best of Home Opener PUJOLS Jersey Modifications


Modified Albert Pujols jerseys.  It’s a trend that we’ve documented (here, here and here) over the past two months of Spring Training and a movement that we fully expected to reach a critical mass during the Home Opener at Busch Stadium this past weekend.

Last week, we challenged our JSF fan hunters to capture this movement on camera and they simply overachieved.  We had many antagonists to choose from, but we’ve narrowed it down to a beefy top ten list.  We promise this isn’t a sneaky advertisement for duct tape.

10.) TRAITOR #5

We begin the list with something short, simple and a bit unoriginal.  Quite frankly, this young man makes our list because he owns the widest duct tape on the planet.  That’s impressive stuff.

(via @catcher1919)

9.) WHO!$ #$

By and large, fans that are willing to use a personalized jersey as a billboard for expression aren’t the most polite people in the stadium. Since Pujols’ name can be easily skewed into a potty joke, that’s usually the direction taken by jersey modifiers. A moniker that emerged this weekend was “Whojols”. It’s nice, clean, family fun.

This is a variation of that moniker, albeit a messy one. The dollar-sign after the exclamation point just doesn’t make grammatical sense. Then again, this isn’t really a list that upholds many standards of the English language.

(via @Day_nah)


This is just pure laziness.  Although, scissors were involved in this creation and cutting duct tape is near impossible.  Plus, if David Freese changes his number to Roman numeral “X”, this fan is way ahead of the curve.

(via @Kevin_Hebert)


Typically, our antagonists alter the nameplate on their Pujols jerseys.  If they alter the number, it’s usually via a few slashes through the number-five to create a dollar-sign.  We respect the creativity here because this man thought outside of the box.  That being said, Pujols contract was $254 million, not $250 million.

But really, who’s counting?  Oh, right.  This guy.

(via @TylerScantlan)

6.) FURCAL #15

You have to be careful using the words “looks decent” when duct tape is involved. That being said, this jersey modification looks decent. Of course, we can’t give much credit to the duct tape. It’s the red Sharpie marker that stands out. That’s just overachieving, folks.

5.) GREEDY $

Duct tape?  Don’t think so.  Electrical tape?  Boorish.   This man went above and beyond and had his own shirsey printed – which means you’ll probably be able to purchase one on a street corner very soon, if you can’t already.

What’s the most surprising here is that Matt Holliday would wear something that derogatory about a former teammate.  Seems a little unprofessional, no?

(via @Kyle12888)

4.) ASSHOLE #5

Black electrical tape is duct tape’s snobby cousin and has become a recent favorite of jersey modifiers.  Its width is very similar to the width of MLB uniform letters and it present a little cleaner.  This offering is a decent effort, but we deduct points for simply crossing-out the “s” on the end of “PUJOLS”.

If you’re going to overachieve with the electrical tape, grab some Wite-Out and remove that “S”.

(via @caitlinswieca)

3.) SELLOUT #5

We’re dealing with a professional below.  There’s no duct or electrical tape in sight.  This jersey is legit and so is the revised nameplate.  This jersey could have made our top spot if he used a “$” in place of the “S” in “SELLOUT”.  Then again, we’re probably giving a guy with a cowboy hat made out of Bud Light boxes a bit too much credit in the “rational thought” category.

2.) JUDAS #$

Albert Pujols is a devout Christian and hasn’t exactly avoided telling fans and media that during his 12-year MLB career.  This fan played the religion angle by referencing Judas Iscariot, one of the most famous names in The New Testament and infamously known for his kiss and betrayal of Jesus.

Although, if we follow that storyline, that means that the guy below is calling himself Jesus.  Or all of Cardinal Nation – which seems about right.

(via Darin S.)

1.) A JOLS #5

Our top prize goes to the woman below.  As previously stated, the whole “poo-holes” joke is a little played.  Okay, it’s REALLY played.  But leveraging the Anaheim “A” was extremely creative and looks like its a part of the actual jersey (read: she didn’t use something that’s typically used to patch holes in a backyard water hose).

(via @jerk_store_76)

Honorable Mention: GANT #5

And honorable mention goes to the jersey below.  We’re not sure what “Gant” means, but we found it funny.*

* To avoid nasty emails from diehard Ron Gant fans (they’re an edgy bunch), allow to state that we do realize that the jersey above is actually paying homage to former Cardinals OF and not a Pujols jersey modification.



  • Burnsy says:

    I’m just glad that guy spelled traitor correctly. #trader

  • Darren says:

    Gant=Ron Gant….how do you not know that? Joesportsfan? really?

  • Tyler says:

    Gant as in RON GANT… former Cardinal who wore number 5. How dumb can you be?

  • Phil H. says:

    Ron Gant wore #5 when he played for the Cardinals.

  • C'mon Guys says:

    Gant, as in Ron Gant. He played for the Cards and wore #5.

  • John Mayo says:

    The fact of the matter is that Pujols was paid below market by the Cardinals for a few seasons. He, being the professional that he is did not complain in public once. He then thought he should hold out for maximum value. (Kind of like every other person on the planet). All you Pujols shirt modifiers, ask yourself this: Would you work for less money than you do? No. You wold not. Give Pujols some credit. He played for the Cardinals for a decade and will probably be known as the best baseball player upon retirement. He is a great part of St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball history, and should be seen that way. Albert Pujols, I am one of your biggest fans.

    • RW says:

      I replied to your statements below.

    • Kaleb says:

      Garbage. Lots of people take a lot less money than they could earn in order to do what they want to do. They also take less than they could earn to live and work where they want to live and work. Many $30,000/year teachers could make a lot more in other lines of work. Many people, again – such as teachers, could make a lot more moving to another city.

  • James says:

    Ron Gant is the Cardinal who wore #5 before Pujols.

  • NV says:

    Gant references Ron Gant. He was #5 for most his career, which included a three year stint in St. Louis. What does this site cover again?

  • Colin says:

    “Gant” is for Ron Gant, former cardinals player.

  • Mike says:

    Im the #5 guy with the GREEDY shirt. The front also has ANGRYBIRDS. I got it from They have ALL different kinds of shirts for lots of sporting events and teams!

  • Jason says:

    Gant as in Ron Gant.

  • navin says:

    Ron Gant wore #5 for the Cardinals. Your honorable mention was honorable indeed, as if he never heard of AP.

  • Jethro says:

    I tried to use this space to tell you it was Ron Gant, but as soon as I completed the simple math equation at the bottom of this form, I instantly became intelligent enough to realize that you were making a funny.

  • RW says:

    John Mayo-
    You MAY be correct with that statement about the money; I probably would go for the bigger offer as well. However, while pursuing the $254 mil salary, I would NOT tell Cardinal Nation that my decision isn’t about money. His “abrupt decision” went against everything he had preached about for however long. In sum, these fans aren’t mad that he chose the larger salary. They are mad about all the BS he said about how he would make his decision prior to “selling out”. He is a great baseball player, but he obviously isn’t needed to win. 12 in ’12!!!!

  • Markel Vick says:

    Will everyone stop telling us that the #5 jersey with Gant is for RON GANT!!! WE KNOW AND SO DOES JOESPORTSFAN. All you are doing is validating that you ignore disclaimers and asterisks, JOESPORTSFAN has both in reference to this picture. Try having some patients to finish a story and you won’t look like an idiot in your posts

  • I really hope all the people commenting about Ron Gant are being sarcastic, but I doubt that they are… probably the same loons from the Cards Talk forums.

  • Matt Sebek says:

    Yeah, in hindsight, the Ron Gant joke was a bad idea. I blame Bacott. He said, “No, don’t remove it. It’s funny. I swear.” Geez, what an asshole.

  • RonGant says:

    Umm hey guys, it’s me, Ron Gant, leave me out of this and I’ll leave this out of your mom.

  • Angela Maschhoff says:

    Although I didn’t submit it, I am the girl wearing the A jols jersey. It actually belongs to my husband’s uncle but he was unable to make it to opening day. He let me wear the shirt. He purchased the Angel’s A and had it sewn on. I had people asking to take my picture all night. He did a great job coming up with the idea. Talk about going green and reusing things!

  • tomnorris says:

    I am just happy the cardinals did not sell out their future.
    Albert is a great ball player. The Cardinals are well run
    club. They can use the money for development. Over paying
    players is takingthe game away from average fans. I took my
    grandson to a Cards and Astro,s spring training game. By the time we had lunch, soft drinks. and parking it cost me 106
    bucks. My grandson said grandpa its not worth it. Next time lets go play golf or go fishing.

  • Jordan says:

    He was obviously being sarcastic with the Gant comment. All of you are stupid, congrats.

  • Ron Gant says:

    Christ almighty! “for st louis, by st louis” are you serious? dont even know who Ron Gant is like wtf he started for 3 years. Maybe try googling “gant 5 cardinals” see what you get. You must not pick up on stuff very well, look at the jersey its clearly not fan made. An dumbass with an IP address these days god dam it I tell ya

  • jd says:

    Love all the Ron Gant comments trying to make yourselves look smart. You apparently didn’t see the part under the pic that says
    “To avoid nasty emails from diehard Ron Gant fans (they’re an edgy bunch), allow to state that we do realize that the jersey above is actually paying homage to former Cardinals OF and not a Pujols jersey modification”

    You folks are a bunch of back country, hick dumbf$&%s.

  • Casey says:

    Can believe the first 30 people took the Ron Gant line seriously…..sad

  • WillG says:

    they were kidding about the gant joke. That was hilarious.

  • Mike says:

    Haha. Gant fans are an edgy bunch

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