The St. Louis Sports Weekend, in Pictures…


We’re guessing a few newborns in St. Louis this week will be named “Sam”.  Human babies?  Eh, probably not.  Maybe a cat or two.  You have win more than one game in this city before we start naming offspring after you.  I’m all for “Sam” human babies, though.  75% of St. Louis classrooms today are populated with kids named “Kurt” or “Albert”.  It’s silly.

Nevertheless, it’s time to combat those traditional Monday morning doldrums with the triumphant return of our pictorial weekend recap.  Enjoy.

Won 30-16 vs. Washington Redskins

In retrospect, it was a strange decision by Mike Shanahan to hold team practice on the sun in preparation for the Rams game this week.  After all, it was played indoors…and that type of travel can really drain a squad.


One final session of pre-game preparation is essential.  Rams Defensive Line coach Brendan Daly presented his unit with critical information.


Late in the first quarter, RB Steven Jackson significantly pulled his groin and missed the remainder of the game.  Immediately, fans began to wonder, “How do you pull a groin?  Didn’t he stretch before the game?”  This is how, folks.  And frankly, we’re surprised the early analysis is “pulled groin” and not “pulled rectum”.


With Steven Jackson on the mend, backup RB Kenneth Darby put together his second most notable day of his career with 49 yards rushing and a TD.  It was second only to the moment pictured below.  Yeah sure, Darby may disagree with our assessment, but he’s not writing this column, now is he?


Walt Coleman was the head official in the Rams/Redskins game on Sunday.  He also officiated the infamous “Tuck Rule Game” between New England and Oakland in 2002.  The Rams fan below oddly parlayed this information into his own “Tuck Rule” tribute.


It’s safe to say that the Rams first home win since October 19th, 2008 caught a lot of fans off-guard.  Some got emotional.  Others choked on an ill-timed bite of hot dog.


WR Danny Amendola is scrappy.  There’s no debating it and we fully expect him to be playing second base for the Cardinals next season.  Because it’s tough to show grit on the football field, Danny Amendola makes sure to hustle into every single tackle.


Friday (Won 7-1), Saturday (Lost 3-7), Sunday (Won 8-7) @ Chicago

His Cardinals teammates claimed the bit would tire quickly, but deep into the season, Brendan Ryan still gets a kick out of coaxing Aaron Miles into a “down low….too slow” routine.


The Cardinals season is coming to a screeching halt, so we must leverage every possible internet meme while we still have the chance.


Won 51-13 vs. Miami (OH)

There was plenty of excitement surrounding Mizzou football after they slipped into numerous Top 25 polls last week.  We’re told they absolutely dominated the Redhawks from Miami (OH) in the first and third quarters.  Who knows, though.  “Domination” is subjective and tough to gauge on the AM radio.



The “So You Think You Can Dance” tour strolled through Chaifetz Area (the home of the SLU Billikens) on Saturday night, where the crowd was dazzled by a Rick Majerus encore performance.  The man has impeccable stage-presence.


Across the state, the Kansas City Chiefs improved to 3-0 on the year and own sole possession of first place in AFC West.  It’s safe to say this guy got wasted last night.


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