The Time of the STL Sports “Guybrid” is Here


It’s sort of a big week for St. Louis sports junkies.

The Cardinals are off and running in their defense of the franchise’s 11th World Series, kicking off the home portion of the schedule this weekend against the Cubs.  The Blues are set to begin the playoffs Thursday night after completing the second most dominant regular season in their history.

The city will be buzzing this week – both literally and figuratively.

If you’re a duel-purpose fan, the challenge you’ll face is how you go about offering up sufficient visual support to both teams when such an intense seasonal overlap occurs. You can’t leave your house only publicly declaring your passion for one team when you’ve got two that need your loyalty.  That’s just mean, man.

Face it, St. Louis, it’s time we embrace the Sports Guybrid model.  See the JSF Dictionary entry for the technical definition:

We all know that wearing layers is efficient.  Some do it for temperature control, but the same principals apply when you’ve got multiple teams to root for and not much time in between to change clothes, shower, etc.  Just make sure not to forget the body paint underneath in case it gets too hot out.

This is crunch time.


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