This Week in Birthdays: June 27 – July 3


One of the billions of things that the internet has made easier for the average sports fan is seeing what athletes and sports personalities celebrate a birthday on any given day.  Sure, that’s not something that you’re going to make appointment reading every day, but we figure it’s an excuse to make fun of people like Ozzie Canseco and damn it if we’re going to let that go by the wayside. 

So today and every Friday, we’ll bring you a look at the birthdays that took place this week and why they’re relevant to the St. Louis sports scene:

June 27
1970 Jim Edmonds – No matter how many NL Central division rivals he plays for, how many half shirts he gets caught wearing or how many starting third basemen he brings to the Cardinals via trade, Mr. Edmonds gave St. Louisans many reasons to applaud him when he comes to town.

1984 DJ King – It’s not kosher to use the word “goon” anymore in hockey, so we’ll simply call DJ King a Blues “enforcer”, at least he was until Cam Janssen came to town.  And even though King has only played 13 games with the Blues over the past two seasons, that’s got to be a pretty sweet title to hold in a hockey locker room at one time in your career. 

June 28
1979 Randy McMichael – Trust us, your memory may say otherwise, but he really did play tight end for the Rams the past few years.  Seriously. 

June 29
1956 Pedro Guerrero
– The player the Birds got back in the 1988 trade that sent John Tudor to Los Angeles actually finished as high as 3rd on the MVP balloting as a member of the Cardinals (1989).  Considering Tudor only pitched 15 games with the Dodgers before coming back to St. Louis in 1990, it turned out to be a pretty good deal for us.   Plus Pedro could rap.

June 30
1973 Chan Ho Park
– The only thing crazier than Fernando Tatis hitting two grand slams in the same inning, is the fact that both grand slams were given up by Chan Ho Park. The Dodgers must have been really thin in the bullpen that night.

July 2
1964 Ozzie Canseco
– He played 15 games with the Cardinals over two years and yet I’ve never seen a Canseco jersey at Busch Stadium.  Come on, Cardinals fans, start getting creative with your throwbacks. 

1964 Joe Magrane – In 1988 Joe Magrane had an ERA of 2.18 to lead the league over 24 starts.  And he went 5-9.  Use this as further evidence to convince Cardinals fans who still believe won-loss record means anything – we’re looking at you, Hrabosky.

1971 Troy Brown – He never played for a local team, but in February 2002 he gutted one with a 23-yard reception that brought the Patriots into field goal range in Super Bowl XXXVI.  As we know, Adam Vinatieri split the uprights as time expired and the Greatest Show on Turf era effectively came to a close.  Thanks a lot, Troy.


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