Come on Papa John, throw us a bone. Or some breadsticks.


Those that frequent this site know that is the place to find some of the best (and worst) St. Louis sports tattoos.  Hey, we all have our place in this industry.

One of the finest tattoos that we’ve posted was one of the first in our storied history.

Whether or not the man above is actually Mark McGwire or some random diehard from Fenton, that’s some quality inkage.

So much, in fact, that Papa John’s decided to lift the photo from our website and use it in an advertisement distributed across Facebook.

We appreciate that Papa John’s had enough respect (read: laziness) to leave our watermark in the lower left-hand corner of the photo.  Usually, internet thievery involves removing proper credit.

We’re not saying that we should be paid royalties for the photo above.  After all, it’s not our hairy back all over the internet.  But some complimentary breadsticks would hit the spot.  Like, right now.

Come on, Papa.  Make it happen.



  • Kurt says:

    I was filming at Super Bowl two years ago and Papa John himself walked right through our set during an interview, carrying pizza and towing his own film crew along. No apology, no breadsticks, not even a coupon.

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