Top 10 Things Spoken by Cardinals Fans at the U2 concert


Last night, more than 53,000 people saw U2 play in St. Louis for the first time since 2005.  This time, the grandiose event commenced at Busch Stadium – which means it an especially-impressive sight for Cardinals fans in the building.

Sure, the same was true for the Dixie Chicks, Eagles and Dave Matthews Band concerts, but the magnificent hardware accompanying U2′s current tour sets this event apart from all other Busch Stadium shows that preceded it.

For that reason, the environment confused the regular Busch Stadium inhabitants.  Below are the top ten things we overheard from Cardinals fans on Sunday night at the U2 concert.

1.- The last time Busch Stadium’s centerfield saw that type of coverage was when Jim Edmonds was playing.

2.- Colby Rasmus sucks.

3.- They’re using the Cardinals’ dugout as a first-aid station.  Even more strange, David Freese isn’t in there.

4.- U2′s 360-degree JumboTron is the bomb; the Kiss Cam is going to look amazing on that sucker.

5.- Are we supposed to do the wave before, during, or after the encore?

6.- That stage is the largest thing to set foot on Busch Stadium’s field since Denny Reyes.

7.- I have no idea when to cheer without being prompted by that “Everybody clap your hands!!” song.

8.- If that giant space-ship looking stage takes off for outer space, I hope it takes Al Hrabosky with it.

9.- There’s only one thing that could make this show better: t-shirt gun !!!!

10.- Bono and La Russa both wear sunglasses at night.  It’s a wonder Bono hasn’t over-managed his guitarists.



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