VIDEO: Brendan Ryan: still awesome


Over the next few weeks, most Major League Baseball teams will release a series of promotional commercials featuring personalities from their respective organization.  Players, coaches, mascots: all in play.  It’s been an emerging trend over the past few seasons, especially as teams have bigger profiles in the digital space.  Distributing these bite-sized sketches is extremely easy to do online and many teams have taken advantage.

It’s a great thing for baseball fans because they’re exposed to commercials that would normally only be distributed across the team’s target region.  While the Cardinals commercials traditionally leave something to be desired, the Seattle Mariners annually dominate their suite of sketches.  This year was no different and one of their top offerings starred former St. Louis whipping-boy, Brendan Ryan.

Just tremendous.

We always enjoyed Brendan Ryan because of his erratic personality and willingness to ham it up in front of the camera.  He was made to star in these preseason commercials.  His offerings as a Cardinal were some of the best that the organization has delivered.  See, here and here.

No one show the above sketch to Chris Carpenter, though.  That type of tomfoolery won’t be tolerated around here anymore.



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