What’s Eating Colby Rasmus on STLToday.com’s Front Page?


In our intensive observations of local sports headline lexicon, we typically overlook another integral aspect of the headline-creation process; the associated headline photo.

In forthcoming efforts, we promise to spend due time on such brilliance.  Let’s start with today’s STLToday.com masthead photo of Colby Rasmus.

The trick is finding a headline photo that complements the respective headline text and tells a story, itself.  This is Master’s-level headline writing curriculum you’re getting here, folks.  Pay attention.  In stories that are inquisitive or adverse to public opinion, the photo is usually one that omits discomfort – such as Mr. Rasmus’, above.

But, this is simply the headline writer matching a stock photo against his headline text.  The author of this particular column, Bernie Miklasz, didn’t travel down to Busch Stadium and say, “Hey Colby, I’m doing a story about how you’re experience some sophomore growing pains….how about giving my photographer your best ‘I’m struggling’ face?  Thanks.”  Then again, who knows.  Just a blogger, here.

There’s a strong possibility that Colby Rasmus is bent out of shape on the front page of STLToday.com for another reason.  There’s a chance he’s just not much of an Eagles fan.

Or….perhaps he’s not that mad about the documentation of his “sophomore slumps” at all.  Maybe he’s looking towards the “future”….as in, the second tab of the STLToday.com masthead (“Cards Chat”) that reveals yet another Colby Rasmus in-distress story/photo about the Cardianls high frequency of strikeouts.

Who knows.

Maybe he’s just upset that Brendan Ryan pinched his ass about 5-seconds before the photo was taken.


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