When it Comes to Pun-Friendly Names, the Cardinals Are Loaded [CARDS]


If Sabermetrics had a stat that rated teams based on names that are custom made for a pun-a-licious headline, the Cardinals would be stacked.  On the roster, names like Freese, Carpenter, and  “Skip” are sitting on a platter just waiting to be arranged into a clever play-on-words. 

But perhaps the golden boy of that club arrived when the team signed Matt Holliday to a long term deal last offseason.  To baseball fans, it means one of the best slugging outfielders in the game will be in the lineup through 2017.  For headline writers, it means thousands of snappy lines practically write themselves any time he has a big/poor game. 

And as today showed, there is really no reason to ignore it in the offseason either…

Crossing this puppy off the list just a few weeks after Christmas means we’re almost certain there were hand slaps exchanged in the online editing department when it went live.

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