Your 2010 Home Opener Live Thread


We’ll be posting and updating various nuggets of 2010 Home Opener goodness as we cover the events in and around Busch Stadium throughout the day, so don’t be a stranger.

Stop on by frequently, kids.

Cardinals Whale’s Tail: I’m Officially Speechless
(Updated at 4:06 pm)

I’m speechless.

I have no speech.

Thrifty Cardinals Rolen/Ludwick Jersey
(Updated at 3:45 pm)

Thrifty, re-pruposed Cardinals jersey.

ROLEN 27 into a LUDWICK 47.

Hey, times are tough.  Although, this guy still had enough patience/wherewithal to wait for $8.00 beers.

Signature Moment: First 2010 Busch Stadium Mullet
(Updated at 1:32 pm)

Mark down 1:32 pm as the first time I spotted my first Busch Stadium mullet of 2010.

Bonus points for complementary fanny pack.

#1 DAD in the House Today
(Updated at 12:17 pm)

Forget Whitey Herzog and the rest of the ’85 gang who were honored before the Home Opener in St. Louis.  The #1 Dad is in the house today.

Funny though, because I don’t remember voting on this.

This Guy is Probably A Bigger Fan Than You
(Updated at 11:57 am)

If you’re at the game, or at home, thinking to yourself, “You know, I’m probably the biggest Cardinals fan in St. Louis”….you’re wrong.

This guy wins.

St. Louis Cardinals Scalpers “Need” Tickets
(Updated at 11:46 pm)

Underground secret; this guy doesn’t “need” tickets.

He’s “selling” tickets.  Shhhhh.  Don’t tell anyone.

Softball Village Might Not Be Ready in Time
(Updated at 10:07 am)

I’m somewhat of a pessimist (you know, it’s what us “bloggers” do)…but I don’t think the magnificent Softball Field sitting next to Busch Stadium is going to be ready for the Home Opener today.

Clumps of grass in the infield?  Bush league.

Expect cartels of unhappy and mulleted softballers, Busch Stadium grounds crew.

First Busch Stadium Tailgaters of 2010 Have Been Identified
(Updated at 9:35 am)

The first Busch Stadium tailgaters of 2010 have been identified.  Leader of the pack is wearing a self-last-name personalized jersey with Whitey Herzog’s number.

Seems about right.

Line outside of Busch Stadium is long and distinguished.
(Updated at 9:05 am)

Quite a few Cardinals fans hoping to get their hands on some gameday, Home Opener tickets.  One guy has on an Eckstein jersey and jean shorts.  With that combination, commitment to the home team is never in question.

First sign that it’s *Officially* the Cardinals Home Opener in St. Louis
(Updated at 8:15 am)

Any other day of the year, the man above is just another shirtless, overweight, tattooed man inhabiting the streets of downtown St. Louis.

But, not today.

Today, we’re all Cardinals fans.

…except, well, most of us are wearing shirts.



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