EP40: The One with Andy Benes (and the Busch Stadium DJ)

At-bat music, closer anthems, mid-inning jingles and “Everybody Clap Your Hands”. They all go through one man at Busch Stadium and that man is Damon Oliver.  He started with the Cardinals in ’03 and this is his 11th season as the Busch Stadium DJ.

It was finally time to have him on the JoeSportsFan Show to talk the best and the worst of Cardinals stadium music.


Total Running Time: 00:48:45

Atomic number: 40 (zirconium)

JoeSportsFan Original: our MLB insider, Skeeter Rosin

Random yet contextual references: Bacott’s offspring, Daryl Doran, Ray Vinson, Guy Herbert, Rick Sutcliffe, Dan Quisenberry, Fredbird, Vince Coleman, brominated vegetable oil

Links and things mentioned this episode:

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Blues “40 OUNCES” jersey (link)
Token Dan Quisenberry baseball card (link)
The Greatest St. Louis Sports video of all time. (link)
The first interview with Skeeter Rosin (link)

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