JSF32: The One with Joe Magrane (and Michelle Smallmon)

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy New Year, Kwanzah, Festivus; whatever you celebrate, we welcome you back to The JoeSportsFan Show after a few weeks off.  This week, we pay homage to a Cardinals pitcher who may have also starred in “Full House” and talk to 101 ESPN’s Michelle Smallmon about her role as Bernie Miklasz’s producer.


Featured Guest: Michelle Smallmon

JoeSportsFan Original: The JSF Dictionary (“Bluesier”)

Total Running Time: 00:37:14

Random, yet contextual, episode references: Kyle Turley, Josh Hancock, Dre Bly, Dan Dierdorf, Stephen Tyler, Newschannel 5, Kevin Slaten, JC Corcoran and Joey Gladstone.

Odds and ends mentioned during this episode:

Stephen Tyler creeps on Joe Magrane’s daughter (link)
Episode 15 with “Rasmus Girl” (link)
VIDEO: JSF’s “interivew” with Kyle Turley (link)
Dan Caesar recaps the St. Louis sports media in 2012 (link)
Dan Caesar will be starting a “Where are they now” segment (link)

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  1. I’m lovin the podcast but am surprised at the audio skips lately and the low volume on this ep.

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