JSF33: The Best of the JoeSportsFan Originals

Some minor site news.   The small, scripted bits that have become a huge part of The JoeSportsFan Show will also be played on Friday mornings on 101 ESPN.  We kicked off this relationship last week.

In lieu of 101 ESPN listeners asking for more, we decided to devote this week’s episode of the show to our favorite bits created during 2012.  So, sit back, relax and allow the following bits to tickle your ear drums.

From JSF31: Sounds of the 2013 Cardinals Winter Warm-up
From JSF27: “Interviewing a sports talk radio host”
From JSF7: “Great Moments in Fan History: The First Streaker”
From JSF4: “Our MLB Insider, Skeeter Rosin”
From JSF1: “Inside the Post-Dispatch Headline Room”

Total Running Time: 00:40:52

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