2010 Braggin’ Rights Might Be Even More Intense According to SI’s Glockner


It’s officially college basketball season, people.  And given the recent controversy involving two of SLU’s top (now former) players, the highlight of this season from a local perspective may be the annual Braggin’ Rights Game between Illinois and Mizzou.

It’s always a holiday treat, but considering both have placed themselves in the AP preseason Top 15 – Illini at #13, Tigers at #15 – it might be even a little more exciting.

And by “a little more exciting” I mean, “a game between two teams that SI.com’s Andy Glockner thinks are at least worthy of mentioning when discussing the Final Four”.

We might send an e-mail to Andy and let him know that, if he plans on coming to Scottrade on December 22, there may be a free beer courtesy of us waiting for him. Consider it a thank you for confirming that we’re not entirely delusional when we dream about the (albeit remote) possibility that both teams could potentially have enough talent to flirt with the Final Four this season.

It’s amazing how quickly a favorable journalist can get on our good side.

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