Aggressive Sales Pitches Aimed at Mizzou Fans Continue to Appear in St. Louis


It’s probably a safe assumption that the market for beat up old recreational vehicles isn’t at its peak right now.  People aren’t exactly flinging around cash like they did back in the day when their stock holdings in were pumping out cash like a virtual ATM.

The cost of gas alone will serve as a stiff deterrant to those who pictured driving around the country in an oversized van as the ultimate retirement dream. 

The bottom line is that if you want to sell an RV that you can’t afford to maintain anymore then you need to find an angle that will get you some eyeballs.  Sorry, but buying a classified ad in the Post-Dispatch doesn’t qualify anymore. 

But you know what might? 

Preying on hyped up Mizzou fans.

The SEC debut is less than a month away and the buzz amongst college football fans in this town is getting louder and louder.  We’ve documented how the sales pitches aimed at Mizzou fans are getting more and more aggressive.  The SEC is the ultimate RV-friendly conference, so there is every reason to use that to your advantage if you’re selling one. 

The strategy is simple – you find yourself a vacant parking lot in West County, grab some posterboard and markers, drop the magic words in the windshield and – voila! – suddenly you’ve gone from trolling the motor home hangouts for sales leads, to displaying a mobile tailgating hub that can take a Mizzou fanatic from Tuscaloosa to Gainesville and anywhere in between. 

Frankly, we believe that simply promoting the fact that Mizzou is headed to the greatest college football conference in the nation is enough to get some people poking around regardless of what you’re selling. 

Don’t be surprised if you stroll down a street and see some people looking to push the limits to test how far it can go…

Fire pits are a killer tailgate accessory.


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