ESPN Clearly Listened to Kim English’s Plea


Although it may be in the distant future, last week offered a small surprise for Mizzou basketball fans.  When ESPN unveiled their 2012 schedule for basketball version of Gameday, February 4th became a date that was set aside on many calendars in Columbia.  That is if anyone has a 2012 calendar already.

With Mizzou featuring a new coach and Kansas facing an overhauled roster, even the most blindly loyal of Tiger fans must at least have some question as to why this game was on ESPN’s short list 6 months in advance of the season.  But then suddenly it all clicks.  We flashback to the first time Gameday was here in October 2010 for the Mizzou-Oklahoma football game.

It was there when one earnest plea apparently caught the attention of the show’s head honchos.  No, it wasn’t the 10,000 fans going nuts behind Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit or the one shaving a cat paw in his chest hair. It was just one subtle sign that called for specific action by the ESPN execs that obviously set this all in motion.  And it was held up by Mizzou’s own Kim English…

Simple, clear, and apparently persuasive enough to work. Shoulder your way into the most coveted of spots on the Quad (behind Erin Andrews), use your length to get a sign in clear view and – boom – just like that Bobby Knight and his gang will be strolling onto campus in February.

Mission accomplished, Kim.



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