JSF Inbox: How does Mizzou Stack Up with Indiana?


You didn’t think we were talking about the actual basketball teams did you?  Ah, the art of a teasing headline can get you every time.

As you know by now, when we dig into the JSF Inbox, we rarely get any e-mails inquiring with us about our opinions of the new offensive sets a coach has implemented and such nonsense.  Nope, we get photos that pit two fan bases against each other in a battle to see which can have the more inexplicable pair of fans desperate to stand out amongst their peers. And when you’re looking for a way to catch the spotlight in the middle of a rabid group of (mostly) drunken college students, it takes some imagination.

Or in the case of the Indiana crew, it takes the always reliable and properly accessorized gorilla suits…

Can you see anything happening on the court that sits twenty feet away?  Nope. Will your chances of being shown on TV go up substantially?  Yep.  So I guess that justifies it.

On Mizzou’s side however, there was a pair of men who went the other direction.  Instead of impairing their view of the game, they chose instead to impair the view of those standing around them.  Mainly because there aren’t many people who want to see two fellas wearing outfits like this…

Apparently the cameras did not share the same fear as they got facetime in each of the last two Mizzou games according to our statkeepers.

Maybe we’re homers, but anytime we see one group of fans dressed as gorillas and one group of fans that look like they just strolled in from an audition to join Motley Crue circa 1984, we give the advantage to the latter.

Sorry, Hoosiers.

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