Mizzou-Georgia Tickets are Scarce and the Sales Pitches are Getting, Um, Weird


When it comes to selling tickets to Mizzou’s first SEC game – against the Georgia Bulldogs - you can do it the traditional way.  Post them on a ticket broker site, hang on to them until gameday and sell them outside the stadium, maybe seek out friends who will pay slightly above face value for them.  The demand won’t disappoint. 

Or you can concede that this is a pretty big deal and spruce up your sales pitch to separate yourself from your ticket scalping brethren.  You know, by taking them out for BBQ, driving them to and from the game and letting them sleep at your house…

Let’s review the scorecard on this offer we found posted on the Atlanta Craigslist:

Touring KC’s famous BBQ joints +1
Being informed that one of the of the BBQ places is in “the hood” -1
Being near the famous KC Country Club Plaza +1
Sleeping at the house of a strange dude that you met on Craigslist -1
Multiple package options +1
One package where the seller concedes that you may not get a ride home if Mizzou loses -1
Getting a commemorative DVD of the trip +1
Realizing that part of that DVD might include the strange dude you met on Craigslist filming you while you sleep -1

So basically it’s a wash. 

And just to be certain it wasn’t a joke, I went ahead and did the legwork.  You’re welcome, skeptics…

If you’re coming in from Georgia and all you want is to see the game, then you can probably make that happen.  But if you really want to do it up, there’s no better way than arranging a sleepover with a random Mizzou fan in KC.  We’re betting you can negotiate a continental breakfast before you head east on gameday.



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