Nobody Can Manufacture Disrespect Quite Like Mizzou Tiger Fans


If there’s any motivating tool that has dug its claws deep into college sports, it’s the perceived disrespect card.  And at no time is it more present than during the NCAA Tournament.

You’ve got analysts predicting upsets, committees underseeding teams, television execs plucking out who they think is worthy of prime time slots.  Everything short of Joe Lunardi wearing your team’s uniform on camera can be viewed as a slight in some fashion.

After the brackets were unveiled on Sunday night, the disrespect card was out in force in Columbia, MO.

The top five popular arguments included:

KU stole St. Louis

First Bill Self claimed that Kansas City was a KU town and now the Tournament Committee set them up so a Sweet 16 appearance would be played in Missouri’s largest city?  Clearly a slap in the face.  Time to launch some verbal missiles at the bastards who did this…

And while we’re at it, screw the president too, he clearly has money on KU…

#8 overall?

When Mizzou’s name popped up on screen as the #2 seed in the West, matching up with arguably the least threatening #1 seed in Michigan State, Mizzou fans (including myself) were quietly pumping fists at our team’s chances to snatch that first Final Four appearance.  Michigan State? No reason we can’t take them down on our way to New Orleans.

Minutes later, the committee chair appeared on CBS’ Selection Show to explain their rational, he listed Mizzou as the 8th overall team, the last #2 seed.  Nothing had changed with regards to the draw, but now Mizzou fans (myself included) were pissed.  Apparently the team was penalized for a weak non-conference schedule and had to hear that Ohio State, Duke and Kansas were higher overall seeds than they were.  Uncool, committee.

Even Mizzou players were a bit peeved by the rational…

SportsNation Voters Hate Mizzou

In the ESPN SportsNation poll to see who fans believed was most likely to win it all in 2012, fans only viewed the Tigers as the fourth most popular pick.

What the…wait, nevermind, that’s actually a pretty significant compliment.

Craig Sager

Shortly after we found out who Mizzou will be playing in the first round, we found out who would be calling the game.  Marv Albert and Steve Kerr cause no uproar, but then we hear Craig Sager’s name.  Now we know we’ll have to wear sunglasses while watching on Friday afternoon lest our retinas take on major damage whenever his suits are shown during the sideline report.  I guess we know what the “BS” stands for in “CBS”.

They don’t even know who our coach is

The Associated Press is supposed to be an organization built on the shoulders of legit reporters who put bloggers to shame with their thorough research, knowledge of the facts and ability to avoid careless mistakes.

But when piecing together the team capsules for the NCAA Tournament, if they make a couple of typos it isn’t the end of the world.  Spelling Frank Haith’s name, “Mike Anderson” is just a typo, right?

Okay, we’ll admit, this one is sort of insulting.  The person writing this up didn’t even flinch when they jotted down the name of the scorned former coach whose new team didn’t even make the NIT?  And it never helps when your casual misspelling of a player’s last name makes him sound like a character in a Stephen King novel.

Mizzou may have received it’s highest seed in 18 years, but do not make the mistake of assuming that the virtual bulletin board will be barren this week.

Fabricated disrespect doesn’t take days off in March.


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