The Antlers Are Good at Photobombing Free Throws


Ah, those Antlers.  The wacky bunch designed to torment Mizzou opposition any way they can.  Whether it be giving out player’s phone numbers, prank calling the opposing head coach in the middle of the night, or just old fashioned shouting of obscenities, they’ve been an institution at Mizzou for over 30 years. 

And no matter how far the university tries to distance themselves from the group (literally pushing them further away from the court), they still occasionally get a chance to make their presence felt.  And in last night’s game against South Carolina State, their presence was felt in the form of photobombing Laurence Bowers’ free throw attempts.  Let’s just say the guy over Bowers’ shoulder really enjoyed Laurence’s stroke…

We’re just hoping that they realized the camera was capturing this because otherwise we would have to toss out theories on why this fella was randomly making that particular hand gesture while standing around a couple hundred of his closest guy friends.


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