The End of the Dave Yost Photoshop Era


 When word came out yesterday that Mizzou Offensive Coordinator Dave Yost resigned from his position for “personal reasons”, Tigers fans knew we had lost a unique character.  Not only was he considered a personable, well-liked member of Gary Pinkel’s staff, but he is also one that opposing fan bases immediately gravitate towards when looking for ways to mock the Tigers. 

Whether it was his long blonde hair or his tendency to be mistaken for a member of Patrick Swayze’s gang in Point Break, Yost was a frequent target for the message board hecklers’ most effective weapon – Photoshop.  Even fans from teams that have never lined up against Mizzou in the modern era weren’t shy about producing graphical tributes to Yost’s flair. 

With him stepping down, we felt their was only one way to pay our respects to the end of the Dave Yost Photoshop Era…by featuring a collage of the artwork produced by a random LSU message board called  Their team had never faced off against his offense, but that didn’t mean they were too proud to compare him to a Muppet (amongst other things).

(Cue the Sarah McLaughlin music)

We wish you good luck in future endeavors, Dave Yost.  And wherever you land, may the respect earned in the form of graphical memes follow you.


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