Tiger Fans, Insight.com Bowl Needs Your Support [MIZZOU]


When the college football bowl announcements were released last week and Mizzou had officially been selected to participate in the Insight.com Bowl, coach Gary Pinkel’s message was clear – it’s now on the fans to help sell the program to bowl organizers in the future.

“It’s our job to consistently go to bowls, and we’re doing that now,” said Pinkel, without noting that even teams with .500 records are now going to bowl games. “That should just be part of our plans, to get down to every bowl that we go to. This’ll be a great one. Sunshine, blue skies, get a little golf in, enjoy it with your family and watch a great football game.”

When talking about Mizzou fans, Pinkel’s request for tickets to be sold was laid out as a well-worded “challenge” to fans “to do the great things that you do and the great things you’ve done as we’ve built this program.”  And to be clear, we’re not chastizing Pinkel for his comments, rather the fact that his request is a legitimate part of the annual bowl charade. 

Nevermind that the Insight.com Bowl means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things or that it’s essentially an exhibition game that happens to be against the 7-5 Iowa Hawkeyes.  Forget that selling their allotment of tickets often only results in the school financially breaking even which, as Columbia Tribune’s Dave Matter accurately described, is “considered a fiscal victory” in today’s college football environment. 

The success of this event is on us now, fans. 

Even if most of us are intelligent enough to understand that the “bowl system” will continue to select teams based on monetary consideration and backroom politics as opposed to on-field performance, fans are still told that they are the problem if they don’t fatten the pockets of said system.

And as an added bonus, somehow it’s seen as a black eye on the fan base if not enough of us elect to spend a couple grand to attend a meaningless Tuesday night football game in Arizona.

Knowing how much responsibility we have in our hands to keep this broken system afloat, we’ll just proactively assume that more will be coming.  In other words, if you support Mizzou football, it’s time to start shopping at Insight.com.  Sure they sell computer equipment that has absolutely nothing to do with football, but if we’re true sons, it’s our duty to whip out the credit card and make sure that the sponsors of the bowl game know that Mizzou has their back. 


Merry Christmas, Tiger fans.


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