Does Tony Rasmus have a new protege at Mizzou?


To Cardinals fans, the idea of a meddling, internet-savvy dad who isn’t shy about going public with his often critical opinions is personified by two words: Tony Rasmus

Colby’s dad popped up regularly on message boards to throw in his two cents when his son struggled or clashed with manager Tony La Russa. When Colby was inevitably shipped out of town last season, it came as no surprise that Tony Rasmus publicly ripped La Russa for what he viewed as unfairly picking on his boy.

The meddling parent isn’t typically well-received when their son graduates to a high level of their respective sport.  Be as vocal, involved and opinionated as you wish in private, but when it starts going public – even when the comments are justified - fans and media will feast. 

So, should Mizzou basketball fans be worried that they just brought in their very own Tony Rasmus?

Former UConn center Alex Oriakhi recently announced he will transfer to Mizzou for next season and as with any spurned fan base, there was some bitterness by the masses. In an ESPN article  posted this week, commenters (primarily from UConn and, well, Kansas) spit enough venom to entice a user by the name of “AOriakhi” to lay out some thoughts that quickly went from “probably just defending the kid” to “wait, I think he’s defending HIS kid”.

Oriakhi’s father is named Alex Sr., so while the username matches up, whose to say it isn’t just a message board clown trying to grab some attention by pretending to be a player’s dad?

It’s not like Alex Oriakhi Sr. has a history of randomly appearing in the comments section of columns  and blasting fans or calling for coach’s heads right? Right…

Oh, no. 

Earlier this month, Oriakhi Sr. publicly called for the firing of his son’s former coach, made a controversial comment on his now-defunct Twitter account and is engaging in battle with fans who he claims don’t know how badly his son was treated at UConn…in the comments section of a online column. 

All is quiet now in Columbia.  Both sides are excited about Oriakhi’s arrival at Mizzou and there is no reason to assume they’ll be any major bumps in the road in his lone year as a Tiger.

But if things start crumbling, strap in, Frank Haith and Mizzou fans, Tony Rasmus might have him a new protege.


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