Join us at the “Blogs with Balls” Sports Media Conference in Chicago on June 5th


As of Friday, we’re happy to (formally) announce our participation in the “Blogs with Balls” sports media conference on Saturday, June 5th in Chicago, IL.

For those new to the concept, the “Blogs with Balls” conferences revolve around various panels of “industry experts” (+2 sleazy internet points) that discuss the evolving differences/similarities between new school media (e.g., blogging, social networks, podcasting, etc.) and traditional media (e.g., newspaper, radio, etc.).

Due to our efforts in the podcasting and video realms, Mr. Sebek (+1 third-person reference) has been chosen to lead a discussion entitled, “Leveraging Podcasting and Video to Build a Media Megabrand”.

The topics will center around, um, podcasting and video production.  Good, you’re following along.

The underlying panel members for this particular topic should be tremendous, and certainly worth the price of admission (you know, if the entire day of sponsored Guinness isn’t enough to blow your hair back).

  • The Basketball Jones (The Score)
  • Jay Busbee (Yahoo! Sports)
  • David Jacoby (ESPN, Bill Simmons’ “Sports Guy” Podcast)
  • Ian Orefice (
  • Michael Rand (Star Tribune)
  • Moderator: Matt Sebek (Joe Sports Fan)

Quite frankly, the panel is a tremendous sampling of the nation’s most talented sports audio/video podcasters…and I’m extremely honored to be a part of the action.

Send us an email at if you’re planning on making the trip….or if you have questions about the event.  Speaking personally, I participated/attended the first two events (New York and Las Vegas, respectively), and they’re a fantastic mix of content and networking value.

Here’s a small sample of Blogs with Balls 2.0 in Las Vegas…

Sebek and Bacott will both be partaking in the weekend festivities.  No “official” word from Softball Guy.  He told us the Chicago summer softball leagues are substandard, so he showing his face in and around the Windy City is not likely.

[ Blogs with Balls 3.0 ]


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  • Bacott says:

    I love when Sebek refers to himself as “Mr. Sebek”. It’s sort of like Mr. Perfect minus the blonde ponytail.

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