Press Release: The JoeSportsFan Show is prepared for launch


SAINT LOUIS (MO): Late Thursday night, released an official statement to the media which had only three words, “We did it”.

When asked how it felt to have successfully achieved the financial goal on the Kickstarter campaign they launched to fund a St. Louis-based podcast, Matt Sebek of JoeSportsFan responded: “No, the press release was talking about how we finally found a reason to Photoshop Yadier Molina’s head onto an old man’s tattooed body.  But yeah, the Kickstarter thing was big too.”

In a whirlwind 30-day campaign which ended last night, Sebek, Josh Bacott and Chris Files were able to raise over $6,000, all of which will be applied to the creation of a weekly, fan-centric show that explores the humorous underbelly of St. Louis sports.

Upon receipt of the news that the St. Louis market will welcome an additional show presented in audio format, the syndicated radio ratings service Arbitron began sending out new pens and notebooks to survey participants over the age of 65 in order to calculate the “ratings” for the new show. An Arbitron spokesman claimed “we’ve never heard of this internet thing they keep talking about”.

Episode Number One of the creatively titled JoeSportsFan Show is set for March 30 with Kickstarter contributors receiving their JSF pledge packages by early April.

“We just want to send out a thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign,” said Files. “We realize that some people probably supported us because they wanted a JSF beer mug or sticker, we just hope they’ll listen to the show too.”

“The way we see it,” said Bacott, “the launch of this show in late March will be the biggest thing in St. Louis sports…I mean, besides the Final Four, the Blues locking up a playoff birth, the start of the Cardinals season and all that stuff.”

“So maybe like the fourth biggest thing.”


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