This Week in STL Sports Birthdays


Big week in local sports birthdays.  We celebrate several Cardinals legends, a former Blues captain and coach and the best quarterback ever to wear the black and gold. 

October 3
Dennis Eckersley (1954) – If there was one thing that Eck knew how to do just as well as closing games, was how to take a baseball card photo shoot and make it look like his high school senior picture:

October 4
Tony LaRussa (1944) – Something tells us that LaRussa’s birthday cake is merlot flavored.  Just a guess. 

Kyle Lohse (1978) – A rough year, but at least on his birthday, Lohse can celebrate that his last performance – 7IP, 3H, 0ER – was the best of his 18 starts this season.  

October 5
Curtis Sanford (1979) – His stay in St. Louis was brief, but his helmet has become legendary after finishing fifth in the JSF Power Rankings of “Unique Blues Goalie Masks“…

October 7
Brian Sutter (1956) – 12 seasons on the ice in St. Louis followed by four seasons behind the bench and a retired #11 in the Scottrade rafters.  Safe to say Brian Sutter’s legacy in this town is fairly solid. 

Chase Daniel (1986) – His career at Mizzou gave fans a taste of college football success that this school hasn’t had in most of our lifetimes.  Considering his current role as the backup in New Orleans, it’s safe to say that I would be discreetly fist pumping if Drew Brees suffered an injury.

October 8
Jeff Lahti (1956) – In 1985, Whitey called it a “bullpen by committee”, but when it came to closing out games, said committee was led by Jeff Lahti who racked up 19 saves during the season, which amounted to 95% of his career total. 

October 9
Darius Miles (1981) – Hey, his NBA career pretty much was a complete flop, especially considering he was the third overall pick in the 2000 Draft.  But, all that said, he does have that sparkling Hollywood resume he put together during his peak to lean on. 

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