Attn Blues Fans: Gentle and athletic defenseman now up for adoption


For athletes, there are a few ways to tell that you’ve officially hit it big time in the St. Louis sports scene.

Stores are selling your shirsey on a rack that isn’t labeled “clearance”, the team is considering ordering 30,000 plastic dolls featuring your fake head on a spring, the local paper uses your name to craft a pun-laced headline, you’re invited onto the JoeSportsFan Show (fist pump). You know, the standard stuff.

But we’re considering amending that list to include “a local animal shelter names a dog after you”.

That’s right, Kevin Shattenkirk, you’re officially a household name in St. Louis. And for some lucky dog lover, we mean that literally.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis ¬†advertised this pooch for adoption and we’re fairly certain that whoever put the description together giggled a few times as they pictured a Blues defenseman while writing up lines like:

“Shattenkirk also enjoys car rides and is always excited to go along with you on your adventures. If you are looking for a great addition to your family who is gentle and athletic, then Shattenkirk is your boy!”

We’re putting the odds at 10-1 that a confused Bloosier adopts Shattenkirk and is pissed when they deliver a dog instead of hockey player.


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