Beware of the Blues’ new DISH Network Marketing Campaign


At the season opener last Saturday, Blues fans were greeted to a new hockey season with live music, a Brett Hull tribute, plenty of flowing mullets and a 2-1 overtime win over the Philadelphia Flyers.

They were also treated to a massive new DISH Network banner on the facade of Scottrade Center.

The signage states that DISH Network is the “official tv provider of the St. Louis Blues” and encourages fans to switch to their service.  Additional, pun-laced information is available on Dish Network’s website.

Switch.  Save.  Score.

Just one, tiny problem.

Blues games aren’t available on DISH Network.  Ohhh, that’s a two-minute penalty for “consumer hoodwinking”.  Dish’s contract with FOX expired at the beginning of October and the two corporations have been unable to reach an agreement.   The quarrel means Dish Network is running without Fox Sports Midwest and other FOX-owned properties, including FX and National Geographic.

Since 75 of the 82 Blues games this season are broadcast exclusively by Fox Sports Midwest, this is what TJ Oshie and the fellas look like on DISH Network:


Bloosiers beware.  Switching over to DISH Network means you can’t watch Darren Pang’s shiny white coconut at intermission.  Heck, it even means no more late night indulgence of monkeys humping on National Geographic anymore.  How the heck are Bloosiers supposed to get cultured these days?


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