Jaroslav Halak Sign Ideas… [BLUES]


New Blues goaltender Jaroslav Halak is winning over St. Louis rather quickly.  Is it extremely early in the season?  Of course.  But Bloosiers have no sense of time, really.  It’s all about emotion, baby.

And that emotion is predicated on Halak (pronounced “HUH-lock” if you’ve been living under a rock for the past three weeks) ranking first in NHL wins (8) and shutouts (3) and third in Save % (.944) and GAA (1.46).  The guy is a beast.

So much, in fact, that he’s been dubbed as the “Halakness Monster” by local fans and media pundits.  We’re cool with the name.  It’s snappy and works.  However, we encourage fans to think outside the box when developing game signs.  Use that posterboard real estate, kids….and crappy, pun-laced movie/song references.

Here’s one, that needs to enter the Scottrade rotation, stat:

…as well as a cornucopia of other snappy pop culture references that have emerged from the collective fan-base over the weekend.

“Throw Away the Halak and Key” (via @Miklasz)
“That’s the way uh-huh uh-huh Halak it” (via @14thandClark)
“Halak, Stock and Barrel” (via @JRoeslein)
“Baby Halak it….Ha, Ha, Halak it” (via @tkooner)
“Halak you, do you like me?” (via @MattSebek)
“Halak to move it move it” (via @JBacott)
“Put ‘Em on Halakdown” (via @Miklasz)

Personally, we dig the idea of singing “Baby Halak it…Ha, Ha, Halak it” in unison with complementary Enrique Iglesias background music.  It’s hard enough to step out of the house and not hear that horrific song on the radio, we might as well enjoy the damn thing.


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